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Tasty Bakes Launch!

Hi Everyone!

Merry Christmas! Hope you've all had (or having) a great December break, even with our restrictions due to covid. Although 2020 has been an absolute shocker of a year, we really hope 2021 will be better for all of us. At Tasty Bakes, we've been hard at work over the holiday... mostly testing, testing and more testing, trying to find and fix any issues we may have missed during our manic production phase. To be honest, we've already (thanks to our lovely bakers) found many changes that need to be made, some of which we should have tested properly before launching but we were so eager to give our bakers and customers a trial of what we had so far, we went ahead and published to receive vital feedback during our first few days. This also allowed us to see which, if any, changes needed to be made in order to be accepted by Google and Apple but that's a story for another day! Since our apps have been approved, our changes include...

Tasty Bakes App

- Time does not show properly for customers during checkout when using smaller phones

- Postcode is not working effectively, we need to increase our search radius

- Need to add a 'back' button when clicking on baker product image

- Bakery description is not visible to customers

Tasty Bakers App

- Need to add a 'back' button to baker profile image and ability to edit their photo

- Slow down slideshow of photos so customers view products, not loading screens

- Need to add a 'back' button when baker signs up/selects address

- Remove issue when baker tries to sign up and cannot select their address

These tasks are taking up most of our time at the moment and we hope to release these improvements to our apps in the next couple of days. We have many more upgrades and additions coming to Tasty Bakes very soon! In the meantime, we'd like to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful bakers for being so incredibly patient. We're building Tasty Bakes for you and really appreciate your useful suggestions and ongoing feedback, so thank you to all of our lovely bakers for helping us build Tasty Bakes.

Talking of our super talented bakers, we have a rewards system launching in January which will allow us to give back for displaying your beautiful bakes. These rewards are as follows...

In other news... Alongside our Apple apps, Tasty Bakes and Tasty Bakers for Android are now ready to download! Although... they will need the same updates as our Apple apps so it may be best to wait until the end of the week to install them. Saying that, we'd also like to say thanks so much to everyone involved as part of our Tasty Bakes team to make this dream a reality. I've wanted to build an app since the Apple App Store launched in July 2008 but it had to be something I was passionate about and incredibly useful to a global audience. It's taken me over 10 years to fabricate an idea actually worth designing and the last 12 months of 18 hour days to create our initial product. However, this is just the beginning, we have a long road ahead of us to build something us bakers and our customers love to use.

We have many more updates (including YouTube and Instagram live videos) coming your way during the next few months. For now, we'd just like to say, have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a very happy New Year!

Happy baking :)


Tasty Bakes

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