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Why Tasty Bakes?

My love of baking began as early as I can remember. Stood on one of our dining room chairs, I'll never forget my mother teaching me how to make cakes, flapjacks, fudge, cookies and everything else you can imagine. I was hooked!

Since then, I've always loved baking for family and friends. I'm no 5* chef but I absolutely love baking so in 2019 my partner and I decided that it was time to to set up our very own bakery in Hastings, East Sussex. However, there was a problem. This was going to cost... a lot! No problem, we thought, we'll just have to save every penny from our jobs and hope for a business loan to help us out.

As if by magic, we worked out that it may actually be possible to open our bakery within a few months but in came the next problem... the pandemic. Like many, it hit us hard. Overnight, we both lost our jobs and now struggled even to pay rent.

Determined to open our doors to customers, we decided to switch gears and set up a home based bakery instead. Which leads us to Tasty Bakes! Even setting up our bakery business from home entailed £100's per month due to website, email, plugins, templates, advertising and more. We searched high and low for another solution but could not find anything.

After many discussions between myself and my computer programming friend, we were able to make Tasty Bakes a reality. A dedicated platform for Bakers and Tasters. Thank you so much for joining us, we look forward to trying your Tasty Bakes!

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